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Together we conquer.

Don’t wait to become what you were born to be. There has never been a better time to do it. With a simple, affordable degree from DC3.

It’s flexible.

Our hybrid “HyFlex” instruction model gives you the options to take community college classes and earn an associate degree either online or in the classroom with appropriate social distancing.

You can afford it.

Our college programs are the most affordable around. And because 96% of our students qualify for scholarships or financial assistance for college courses, odds are that we can find you a way to make it happen.

Financial Aid & Scholarships

Come visit us!

Talk to us today about the opportunities awaiting you at DC3, or set up a campus tour.

The start I needed.

“DC3 gave me the opportunity to study while participating in activities that I enjoy. It gave me the start that I needed to get me where I am now—very close to completing a 4-year degree from a large university.”

– Jessica Garcia, Class of 2016