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Parking Policies

The DC3 goal is to make parking on campus convenient and stress-free.  Certain parking areas are reserved for students, some for faculty and staff, and others for visitors.  It is important to familiarize yourself with campus parking.

Everyone who parks a vehicle on campus must first obtain and display a valid parking permit.  Parking is permitted only in areas marked or signed as a parking space and zoned appropriately for the permit being displayed.  Vehicles parked on campus without a permit, or parked in an area where the permit is not valid, are subject to being cited for the violation and may be towed and impounded.  This includes motorcycles, mopeds, and motor scooters.

Disability Access Parking Permit Users

Anyone who displays a state-issued disability parking permit is required to register the permit with the Student Services Office prior to parking on campus.  Students, faculty, staff, and vendors are required to obtain and display a campus parking permit, even when displaying a disability access parking permit.

Traffic & Parking Violations

Not Stopping at a Stop Sign$10.00
Parking in Reserved Space or Double Parked$15.00
Parking in Visitor or Senior Citizen Spaces$20.00
Parking in Handicap or Fire Lane$30.00
No Parking Permit$40.00
Excessive Acceleration, Reckless Driving, etc.$45.00
Parked in No Parking Area/Space$20.00
Not Using Proper Turn Signal$15.00
No Seatbelt$15.00

Other Policies