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Sexual Assault Prevention

Dodge City Community College has a zero-tolerance stance regarding sexual assault and harassment. For more information or to report an incident, contact any of the resources below:

Campus Security: (620) 227-9311
Dodge City Police Department: (620) 227-4501
Emergency Services: 911

DC3 Statement on Sexual Assault Prevention

Nearly 1 in 5 women report being sexually assaulted while attending college, yet the U.S. Department of Justice suggests that sexual assault is the least reported violent crime in the nation. Although these statistics are disturbing, campus law enforcement administrators are in the unique position to reduce these numbers. The solution and manner that is the key to a department’s success is its ability to build partnerships through ¬≠community policing efforts.

The majority of sexual assaults reported to police or other campus authorities are acquaintance rapes. However, many people envision a “typical rape” scenario to be one that involves a stranger attacking victims at random. This type of situation remains an exception. Moreover, studies that examine the perceptions and fears associated with sexual assaults among college-age women have revealed:

  • They are less likely to acknowledge or understand the risks associated with men they know.
  • They often don’t understand the definition of sexual assault and the inherent risk factors associated with drugs and alcohol.
  • They are more likely to fear being raped by a stranger than by an acquaintance.

From here, we begin to see the importance of education to enhance our community’s understanding of the risks college women face. Additionally, campus law enforcement plays a significant role, not only in responding to these incidents, but also in prevention via outreach and training programs.

Prevention of Sexual Assault works best, when the college supports NO tolerance of illegal sexual harassment and violence. It is also important to have personnel at every school, college and university who work together collaboratively to combat it in a coordinated manner.

This policy is clear at Dodge City Community College regarding Sexual assault and Harassment. Zero-Tolerance Is the Stance and students should be clear about whom to contact in the event of an assault, confidentiality issues, and services afforded the victim. If you have any questions or need additional information and resources, contact: