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Conquistador Companion

The Conquistador Companion Program is designed to create a bond with Dodge City Community College students that are away from their own home and the Dodge City community. It gives the student a chance to have a familiar face to see or voice to hear in Dodge City and gives the people of Dodge City a chance to become more involved with students at DC3 that have a chance to become part of the community themselves.


  • Be a positive influence
  • Support them
  • Invite them over for occasional gatherings, meetings, and/or meals (no more than once or twice per month).
  • Send a text or call them to give them encouragement
  • Advise them and answer questions they may have
  • Swing by a practice
  • Come to the games. Give them someone to play for. Go on the field, court sideline, or other common meeting area after their event and congratulate them.
  • Attend concerts and other events in which the student is involved


  • The Conquistador Companion program is not intended to provide student-athletes with a second home or give him/her consistent or frequent benefits. Only occasional gatherings, meetings, and/or meals are allowed. Occasional is not more than once, maybe twice, per month.
  • The Conquistador Companion program follows the NJCAA rules for host family programs listed in the NJCAA Eligibility Rules Pamphlet. These rules are listed below.
  • NJCAA Rules Permitting “Adopt a Student Program”

    Adopt a Player – Host Family” Programs: Programs may be instituted by a member college under the following conditions:
    B.3.a. Program is approved by the college administration,
    B.3.b. Program is open to ALL students,
    B.3.c. Program is administered by the institution with no direct affiliation to the athletic department,
    B.3.d. Athletic department staff play no part in the arrangement of host families,
    B.3.e. Athletic department personnel may not serve as host family or adoptive parent,
    B.3.f. No financial, fiduciary, or monetary transactions may transpire between “parent/host” and “adopted” student-athlete,
    B.3.f.i. Includes, but is not limited to: loans, co-signing of loans or leases, long distance telephone calls and provision of tickets.
    B.3.g. “Adoptive parent” must not take student-athlete on trips involving excessive mileage and/or expense.
    B.3.h. “Adoptive parent” may not provide tickets or gifts of any kind.

Become a Conquistador Companion

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