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Giving Options

Your generous donations can make a huge impact on the lives of our students, faculty, staff and community. Here are the many ways you can give to DC3, in addition to donating online.

Gift TypeYour GoalBenefitsHow to Give It
BequestDefer a gift until after your passingLifetime control of your estate
Estate tax exemption
Provide for heirs while supporting DC3 Foundation
Name DC3 Foundation in your will
Living TrustMake a gift while preserving estate for your heirsControl of trust during your lifetime
Estate-tax savings
Name DC3 Foundation as living trust beneficiary
Charitable Remainder Annuity TrustSecure a fixed income during your lifetimeImmediate income-tax deduction
Lifetime fixed income
No capital gains tax
Possible estate tax savings
Create a trust that pays you a fixed amount annually
Charitable Remainder UnitrustProtect against long-term effects of inflationImmediate income-tax deduction
Lifetime variable income
No capital gains tax
Possible estate tax savings
Create a trust that pays you a percentage of its assets
Charitable Gift AnnuityReceive fixed annual paymentsImmediate income-tax deduction
Fixed annual payments for life
Future tax savings
Form a contract in which you receive fixed annual payments
Charitable Lead TrustReduce taxes on assets left to heirsDecrease size of taxable estate
Avoid large gift taxes
Support DC3 Foundation while preserving trust for heirs
Create a trust that pays DC3 Foundation yearly, then passes assets to heirs
Life Insurance GiftMake a significant gift without a large cash outlay.Current income tax deduction
Possible future tax savings
Name DC3 Foundation as your policy beneficiary
Retirement Plan GiftAvoid double taxation on retirement plan assetsPreserve plan value
Avoid income tax and possible estate tax
Name DC3 Foundation as your plan beneficiary
Real Estate GiftAvoid capital gains tax on home or property saleImmediate income tax deduction
Avoid capital gains tax
Donate property to DC3 Foundation
Retained Life EstateDonate your property but continue to live thereIncome tax deduction
Continue use of home/property
Live in your home and give ownership to DC3 Foundation after your passing.


Christina Haselhorst

Foundation Director