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The late 1950s were a rough time for my family. Suddenly Mom needed to go back to teaching after 23 years of being a stay-at-home mom. In the fall of 1956, she started classes at Dodge City Juco (now Dodge City Community College), upstairs in the high school, while I was a senior downstairs. I began my classes in the fall of 1957, the college now moved to the former junior high. Mom renewed her teaching certificate and began teaching in and around Dodge City. I graduated and went to KU for a Bachelor’s and Masters. My brother Jim did the same.

I so enjoyed reading the Fall 2020 Conquistador magazine. Francis Revitte was a favorite teacher of mine. I still remember Vernon Zollars and Bryce Gleckler. They were good teachers. I felt totally prepared for KU.

I have often been so very grateful that DCCC was in Dodge. It saved my family’s bacon in the late 50s and early 60s.

~ Barbara English Rothrock, Class of 1959

“I wouldn’t have gotten to where I am today without the amazing faculty and learning environment at DC3. With the ongoing support of the instructors and staff, I was able to achieve more in the field of biochemistry than I ever thought was possible.

My favorite DC3 memories involve spending time studying organic chemistry with my friends in the Academic Success Center. I also remember the profound impact of Dr. Ellis, who sparked my passion for biochemistry in the first place.

I owe so much to the staff of DC3 for helping me transfer to Kansas State University to complete my biochemistry degree with the help of the Bridges to the Future program. That was the first step to where I am now – at the University of Southern California working to get both a PhD in pharmaceutical science and a master’s degree in management of drug development. And I owe it all to DC3.

~ Larry Rodriguez, Class of 2012

“After traveling the globe as U.S. Army Paratrooper to this day one of my most memorable experiences was my year at Dodge City Community College. I would do it all again!”

~ Richard A Matkin (Ret) U.S. Army AIRBORNE, Class of 1978-1979

“Having a local option for college was very important to me – I couldn’t afford to leave the Dodge City area for school. Luckily, I was able to live and work locally while getting a quality education at the same time.

While at DC3, I spent most of my time participating in the music department, learning music theory and participating in band and vocal music. Along with the great memories, I’ve retained my sight-singing skills, which still help me today.

~ Doug Austen, Class of 1980

“DCCC is an awesome place for both sports as well as academics. Our x-country track team were like a large family.”

~ Julia Hays, Class of 1977-1979, DC3 Athletic Hall of Fame member

“Having an academic scholarship that covered the full cost of my tuition and books to a school that was just two hours from my hometown made going to DC3 a no-brainer for me. And because all of my credits transferred easily, it gave me the start I needed to go on and complete my nursing degree at Grand Canyon University.

Today, I am enjoying a successful career as the director of nursing at an outpatient surgery center that serves approximately 500 cases per month. So, yes, going to DC3 was certainly the right choice for me.

~ Tammy Florence Munsch, Class of 1989

“Attending Dodge City Community College helped me take classes with a small student to professor ratio. After graduation, it helped with a smooth transition to a larger university. It made sense economically and provided a stellar education at the same time.

~ Erin (Schneweis) Reece, A.A., Class of 1999, B.S., M.A.H.R.

“I was at DCCC from the fall 2010 to the spring of 2012. I studied criminal justice while I was there and played baseball. Currently I am a Kansas state trooper and have been since 2015. I chose DC3 for a variety of reasons. It was close to my hometown, I had several friends already there, and I had the opportunity to play a sport. I greatly enjoyed my time there and benefitted from the smaller class sizes. All of the professors were invested in the students and I was able to thrive in that environment.

~ Derek Carr, Class of 2012


“Dodge City was an exceptional place for me to grow as a person, and there I found time to develop personal qualities, through academics, athletics, and being connected with fellow students.

~ William Mims, Class of 2014

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