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DC3 Foundation Scholarships – DEADLINE: June 30, 2023

Due to the generosity of many families, individuals, and organizations, the DC3 Foundation is proud to be able to offer scholarships for our Conquistadors! Please consider donating to these funds to help further the education of a future Conq! 

The list of scholarships below includes all DC3 Foundation scholarships available to students at Dodge City Community College. Additional scholarships may be awarded by the DC3 Financial Aid Office.

To be considered you must complete the DC3 Scholarship Application with the DC3 Financial Aid Office with your MyDC3Web login (you must have been accepted as a student or are a current student at Dodge City Community College – the application will apply you for all scholarships at DC3), and maintain eligibility as detailed below for each scholarship. For DC3 Financial Aid information and instructions to complete the scholarship application, click here.

An essay is NOT required but IS suggested. These can be submitted to


Application for Foundation scholarships does not guarantee an award. All determinations of awards are at the discretion of the Dodge City Community College Foundation Scholarship Committee.


If no minimum GPA was requested by the donor, the Foundation follows the minimum GPA requirements for scholarships by DC3

Due to variants in investment results, not all of the scholarships listed are available each year. Applications will not be considered and/or processed if the application is incomplete or past the deadline.

Bob Schmitt2.5 GPA minimum

Math/ScienceNo restrictions. Use minimum GPA requirements used for DC3 scholarships
Marvin Hampton Memorial Scholarship

STEM Major (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics); Maintain 2.5 GPA

Van & Mary Lett Mathematics Scholarship

Math Major; Maintain 3.0 GPA; Kansas resident; Maintain full time

Eldon Becker EducationEducation Major; Maintain 2.5 GPA
Fred & Velma Deyoe EducationEducation Major; Maintain 3.0 GPA; Western KS student; Maintain full time
Ed Herrin EducationEducation Major; Maintain 2.5 GPA
Krumrey ScholarshipEducation Major; Agriculture Major; preference to Ford County residents of farm families/agriculture workers; maintain passing grades; $500 per year
Dick Brown Memorial ScholarshipEducation Major; Interest in Teaching/Coaching at High School level; Western Kansas residents; maintain 2.5 GPA; $500 per year
Jim Bock MemorialEnrolled in instrumental music; Minimum 12 hours enrolled; Participate in Wind Ensemble, Pep Band, Jazz Band, Concert Band. Maintain 2.0 cumulative GPA with 3.0 in instrumental music
Ann & Norman Ehrlich MemorialFord County Resident only; major in music education or athletics only and/or demonstrate an interest in music; Music students must have 3.0 minimum GPA; Athletic students must have a minimum 3.5 GPA in compliance with KJCAA rules. $500 per year.
Sanko-Calhoun TrustMusic major. Awarded only as funds are available.
James Maag HistoryLiberal Arts Major; 3.0 GPA minimum
F.M. Dale McLainHistory Major; 2.5 GPA minimum & 12 credit hours must be completed before renewing for 2nd semester. One year award only.
Todd Cutcliffe MemorialElectrical Engineering Major; $200 per year only; 2.5 minimum GPA
DCHS Classes ’60, ’61, 62; White; Williams CombinedDodge City High School graduate only; High academic standing; verified financial need; good citizen
Mike & Trisha Kinnan EducationDodge City High School graduate enrolled in mass communications, business, or education; 2.5 minimum GPA; Recipient chosen by DCHS Administration? $500 per year only; Freshman year ONLY
Elisa Murphy MemorialNon-traditional Cosmetology major with minor children; Full-time enrollment only; 2.5 minimum GPA
Robbins Business & Leadership3.0 minimum GPA; Must indicate interest in Business, Leadership, or Entrepreneurship; $500 per year only. 2 scholarships awarded per year; Extra $250 sent to FHSU if the student can prove FHSU enrollment to the Foundation after DCCC graduation. Current freshman (enrolling as a DC3 sophomore) must provide a letter of recommendation from a DC3 business professor. 
Bernice Williams MemorialAcademic major (preference to office management; legal assistant); KS Resident only; utilize DC3 GPA requirements
James & Carl Noland MemorialFinancial need verified by DC3 Financial Aid; Use minimum GPA requirements used for DC3 scholarships
Howard & Thelma Sailor MemorialMaintain a 3.0 GPA. Financial need verified by DC3 Financial Aid
Frank & Edith Spaniol MemorialStudents with financial need (verified by DC3 Financial Aid); Use minimum GPA requirements used for DC3 scholarships
Richard K. Burke, PhD MemorialFull-time student; Minimum GPA of 2.5; Must show evidence of financial need; $1000 per year only.
Cleda Dodge Memorial NursingFIRST YEAR nursing major only; NONTRADITIONAL student only; existing financial need
Ned & Dorothy Lowry Endowed Scholarship1st preference: nursing/healthcare major; 2nd preference: general education; Minimum GPA of 3.0 or higher; Maintain full time; Must provide thank you to donor; Must maintain active status in major program
Rachelle Banning Nursing ScholarshipMajoring in Nursing (all levels); Kansas Resident; Maintain full time
Irene Paulin NursingNursing major; area student; 2.5 minimum GPA. Renewable
Vera Tully NursingNursing major; 3.5 GPA minimum at DCCC; $1000/year – disbursed only after verifying enrollment and GPA; NOT RENEWABLE
Web, Wharton, Vale Combined NursingLevel 1 nursing major 3.0 GPA; OR Level 2 transfer nursing major (not from Ford County) with financial need
Scroggins NursingNo restrictions. Use minimum GPA requirements used for DC3 scholarships
Glen & Marjory Jeffery MemorialMeade County resident; Available to academic majors and nursing majors only; 3.5 GPA established at DCCC; NOT RENEWABLE;
June Hull Sherrid NursingNo restrictions. Use minimum GPA requirements used for DC3 scholarships
Chris Eargood Memorial ScholarshipLevel II male nursing major only; existing financial need; Use minimum GPA requirements used for DC3 scholarships
Lucille Schaapveld Nursing ScholarshipDemonstrate existing financial need; Use minimum GPA requirements used for DC3 scholarships
Kevin Pember MemorialAgriculture major; 1st Preference: Ness County resident; $500 per year; Must complete 12 or more hours with a 2.5 GPA to renew.
Intercollegiate RodeoDCCC Rodeo student & NIRA member; 2.5 GPA, maintain; NIRA membership, continue participation on rodeo team; $150 per semester/$300 per year
Danny Lee Wagner MemorialFord/Gray County resident; Agriculture major; 2.5 GPA; Must maintain 12 credit hr minimum; renewable if continued study in ag; $400 annual award
American AgCredit Scholarship3.0 minimum GPA; Must be pursuing a degree in Business, Finance, Accounting, Agriculture, Agribusiness, Natural Resources, or any other agriculturally related field; Full-time only; Sophomore ONLY
Scroggins Child CareChild Care major. Use minimum GPA requirements used for DC3 scholarships
Jack Stoecker AthleticStudent-athlete; 3.0 GPA minimum; Please verify eligibility with the DC3 Athletic Director
Carl & Linda Bjork ScholarshipSports Management Major and/or show interest in coaching, athletic training, or sports business; DCHS graduate or Dodge City resident; 2.5 Cumulative GPA minimum; Please verify eligibility with the DC3 Athletic Director
Mullin Brothers Foundation Ford County resident; demonstrate financial need; 2.5 minimum GPA required
Joe D. & Melissa R. Rodriguez Hispanic Legacy Scholarship Must be of Hispanic Descent; Maintain full time; Preference given to student from SW Kansas; 2.5 Minimum GPA required
Barnes-Gleckler ScholarshipNo restrictions. Use minimum GPA requirements used for DC3 scholarships
Clair C. Conard Family FoundationKS Resident; Use minimum GPA requirements used for DC3 scholarships
Cy & Rhea Trent MemorialNo restrictions. Use minimum GPA requirements used for DC3 scholarships
Eloise Berryman Memorial2.5 GPA minimum
Leslie & Betty Houser ScholarshipFord County resident only; Use minimum GPA requirements for DC3 scholarships
Noble Melencamp Academic ScholarshipUse minimum GPA requirements for DC3 scholarships
President’s IHO Mariett & Gene KirkNo restrictions. Use minimum GPA requirements for DC3 scholarships
Phi Theta Kappa IHO William & Susan BunyanPhi Theta Kappa member. Use minimum GPA requirements for DC3 scholarships
HALO IHO Ellis & Camilla CaveHALO student. Use minimum GPA requirements for DC3 scholarships
DCCC Student Gvt IHO Marvin & Floris Jean HamptonDC3 Student Government student. Use minimum GPA requirements for DC3 scholarships
Mary Eleanor Fry MemorialInformation is not available at this time.
Ed Alexander MemorialUse minimum GPA requirements for DC3 scholarships
Landon Jay Frazier MemorialA minimum GPA of 3.0 is required

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