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Campus Security

Security on Duty: (620) 338-0197
Campus Escort: (620) 338-0197 or (620) 227-9311

Security at Dodge City Community College is a shared responsibility between the administration, students, campus community, and local law enforcement agencies. While the college takes actions to help increase security, students and visitors must also contribute to their own safety by following rules, using common sense, avoiding dangerous situations, and immediately reporting suspicious or threatening activity.

Most security officers at Dodge City Community College are active law enforcement officers, which means they are authorized to carry firearms and have authority to arrest anyone suspected of violating the law. Dodge City Community College reports criminal activity to local agencies through the Student Services office.

Security Notifications

If it is determined that a specific danger to the campus community, or specific segments of the campus community exists, an appropriate notification to the community will be made. This determination will be jointly made by the campus security director, the dean of student services and/or the vice president of student and community services in consultation with the college’s attorney.

DC3 Security Department Mission

To provide a safe and secure campus that will allow the academic environment to flourish without fear or intimidation in a manner which recognizes and respects legislative mandates, college policy and community preferences. Our fundamental duty is to serve the Dodge City Community College campus community; safeguard the lives of students, faculty, visitors and property; to protect against violence or disorder; and to respect the Constitutional rights of all persons to liberty, equality and justice.

About Campus Security

The Dodge City Community College Security Department employs full- and part-time security officers to provide year-round patrol services to the campus and all college property. Dodge City Community College Security Department officers are governed by Kansas State Statues.

What you should know

  • Dodge City Community College Security Department’s first priority is student and community safety.
  • Campus security oversees parking enforcement and traffic control.
  • Officers have first aid training as emergency responders and provide first rescue response to the campus.
  • As part of its efforts to maintain a safe campus, campus security will utilize law enforcement canine services throughout the school year.

View our Campus Parking Policies

Please note: Access to campus facilities is limited. Vehicles must be registered by purchasing a parking sticker in the Student Services office.

Community Education

Campus security actively educates the community in the following areas:

  • Crime Prevention Programs
  • Alcohol/DUI Awareness
  • Sexual Assault Prevention
  • Officer Presentations on Safety/Security
  • Ride-A-Long
  • Theft Prevention