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Giving Options

The DC3 Foundation accepts with gratitude gifts and contributions that can be allocated across a wide variety of interests. As the donor desires, the gift may be passed on immediately to benefit students or an area of the college, or it may be placed in an endowment fund to work in perpetuity for the purpose the donor intends. 


Adopted 1964, Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP), Copyright AFP, all rights reserved. Reprinted with permission from the Association of Fundraising Professionals.

Please remember that gifts of all sizes are encouraged. You can make your own meaningful contribution by joining others in contributing to any of the Foundation’s funds. It’s easy to donate online via APLOS (powered by STRIPE)

Friends of the DC3 Foundation can support the college in its educational, cultural, and community programs in many ways:


  • Campaigns give donors an opportunity to contribute directly to the exciting work happening at Dodge City Community College! Contact the Foundation to find a project that inspires you such as naming opportunities, a current campaign (such as the Pillars of Support), or the DC3 Foundation Brick Program. Then, make your gift and share this opportunity with your friends and colleagues! Click on Campaigns to learn more about current opportunities!


  • Planned giving, or charitable gift planning, refers to the process of making a charitable gift of estate assets to one or more nonprofit organizations. Estate gifts provide a wonderful way for a donor to remember the college. This sort of gift requires consideration and planning in light of the donor’s overall estate plan. Such gifts usually include legal documents and often require the assistance of a qualified professional advisor to complete. Donors can take advantage of various estate-planning opportunities such as bequests, living trusts, charitable remainder annuity trusts (enable the donors to provide a lifetime income to themselves or a beneficiaries and leave the remainder of the estate to the Foundation), charitable gift annuities, charitable lead trusts, life insurance gifts, retirement plan gifts, real estate gifts, and retained life estates. Because of the size and potential impact of such gifts, a donor should consult with his or her professional advisors before completing the process.


  • Personal endowments can be a named endowment in honor of a family member, family, or place of business. Memorial Gifts are made often to remember loved ones. Regular endowments may be started with the first gift of $10,000. As part of the personalized endowment process, donors may direct the annual proceeds to a need of the college that best fits their own personal interest. Most funds are managed as perpetual endowments which means that only the net income—no principal—is regularly disbursed. Other funds disburse principal at the suggestion of the fund’s advisors.
  • For endowed scholarships to begin being awarded immediately, we ask for a goal of a $20,000 endowed investment. However, we can have an ongoing campaign to reach that goal if the donor chooses. Some cash scholarships are able to be awarded immediately, according to the guidelines set by the donor. Contact the Foundation office at 620-227-9170 for more information.
  • Unrestricted Funds provide money which is awarded by the Foundation for many different projects or programs at DC3. It is a flexible way to meet a broad range of college needs as determined by the Foundation and DC3.
  • Donor Advised Funds allow you or your representatives to suggest what program, project, or scholarship should receive money. However, the Foundation Board is allowed to make the final decision by law as to the recipient of the funds.
  • Designated Funds allow donors to designate at the time of the gift which named scholarship, program, or specific project will benefit from the gift.


  • All of DC3 Foundation’s special events and campaigns provide individual and corporate sponsorship opportunities. The DC3 Foundation recognizes each of these sponsors in a variety of ways.


  • Cash gifts by check or money order should be made payable to the DCCC Foundation and mailed to:

Dodge City Community College Foundation, 2501 N. 14th Avenue, Dodge City, KS 67801


  • To make a contribution using your credit card, please call the Foundation office at 620-227-9170 or donate online.


  • Matching gifts are company-donated or organization-donated contributions that match the donation made by their employees/members. This can double or triple the value of a gift! Contact your human resources or community relations department to find out if they participate in a matching gift program. Send the matching gift form to the Foundation along with your gift! Thank you!


  • DC3 employees can make a donation through payroll deduction and further solidifies our on-campus “Attitude of Gratitude”. Please contact the payroll department for information.

Other ways to consider giving to the DC3 Foundation:

Outright gifts are a simple, convenient way to donate and receive maximum tax advantages. Money, securities, personal property or real property are the usual gifts.


  • Works of art, books, automobiles, equipment, and furnishings are considered gifts of tangible personal property and feature attractive tax benefits. Please consult with your tax advisor and such gifts for advice. Contact the DC3 Foundation to discuss potential use and acceptance of your property.


  • Gifts of property provide attractive tax benefits, allowing you to avoid paying capital gains tax and in some cases, receive a tax deduction for the full value. Contact your tax advisor for options and the Foundation as well.


  • Donors will find many advantages to providing a gift of life insurance to the DC3 Foundation. Life Insurance with the Foundation as the irrevocable beneficiary of the policy allows donors an immediate tax deduction in the amount of the cash value of the policy. Insurance premiums paid thereafter by the donor are deductible as charitable gifts.Please contact your tax advisor and/or life insurance company for details. The Foundation will be happy to assist.

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